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Shark Lagoon

Witness Some of the Most Legendary and Enigmatic Animals: Sharks—The Ocean's Ultimate Predators!

Zebra shark swimming forward above sand and coral

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific/Ken Kurtis

Shark Lagoon features several species and sizes of sharks, some of which you can touch … and some you can’t! This expansive outdoor exhibit is home to large sharks and rays, shark touch pools, interactive displays, an amphitheater, the Pacific Treasures gift store, and the Bamboo Bistro outdoor café.

Looking through a viewing window into the large shark exhibit, guests will be able to come nose-to-nose with zebra and grey reef sharks. Daily presentations and feedings will showcase the power and beauty of these remarkable predators. Bamboo and epaulette sharks glide around the three shallow touch pools, where guests can reach in and touch these gentle and graceful animals.

Various interactive displays will highlight sharks’ senses, sizes, teeth, and reproduction, as well as their importance in the ocean’s food chain.

A giant water-squirting squid playground sculpture allows children of all ages to have fun while learning what it takes for an animal to avoid becoming a shark’s next meal. Each display reveals fascinating facts about sharks—some of the most intriguing animals, and perhaps the most misunderstood.

The 10,000-square-foot Shark Lagoon is an outdoor educational adventure that also features the Aquarium’s Lorikeet Forest aviary. Together, Shark Lagoon and Lorikeet Forest represent the ultimate experience in animal interaction.

Black Tip Reef Shark swimming at camera

Peer into the depths to see a blacktip reef shark. Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific/Andrew Reitsma

Zebra shark swimming

Zebra sharks are spotted, but they are born with stripes, hence their name. Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific/Brian Gray

Shark Lagoon exhibit filled with people

Shark Lagoon is a great spot for families, allowing kids to play in the splash zone and touch sharks in the touch pools. Credit: S. Anguiano/Aquarium of the Pacific

Reticulate Whiptail Ray

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific/Ken Kurtis

Touch pool with hand touching spotted ray

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific/Robin Riggs

Side view of an epaulette shark resting on sandy bottom

Epaulette Shark Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific/Ken Kurtis

Shark and Ray Animal Encounter
Feed a Ray By Hand!